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About Us

Jeremy and Whitney Waller

Hi! My name is Whitney and this is my handsome hubby Jeremy and we are from Edmond, OK. I decided to get started with Young Living because I was looking for a way to increase our family’s wellness. I felt that there had to be other things we could do. I was working as a RN in a PACU 1-2 days a week, but dreamed of being able to stay home with our 3 boys.

Because we had 3 little ones 14 months and under I was looking for ways to support their immune systems and to help with the daily things we struggled with. These precious boys had (and still have!) so much energy and I wanted to be able to feel great and keep up with them! Our family normally turned to conventional methods at least once a month for anything that came their way.

Then, I got started with our Everyday Oils collection, and began putting Thieves on the bottom of the boys’ feet at night before bed. Their immune systems were then supported at an optimal level!

I also started drinking Ningxia Red, and began feeling more energized than ever before!

Jeremy was still on the fence about this whole oil thing. He often told me that the oils were just for me and the boys and would not use them. I think he really thought I had jumped off the deep end, but he was supportive and just let me do my thing.

After using these oils for just a few short months I couldn’t stop sharing about them with others. I just loved these oils and how they supported our family’s wellness.

I never intended to work the business side of Young Living, it kind of found me. In fact, when I signed up as a wholesale member I told my friend I would never work the business and I just wanted to get that out of the way now. But, then I used essential oils for the first time and just fell in love with them. I was able to support my boys’ immune systems optimally, I had enough energy to chase them around and keep up with them. Then my Hubby finally decided to try oils and felt better than ever and we just couldn’t help but share essential oils with others. After sharing with just a few friends my entire monthly order was paid for! Just for sharing something I loved!

After 1 year of sharing Young Living I reached the rank of Silver, earning Silver in 6 and receiving an Aroma Complete kit and a trip from Young Living for free! I was also making a full time income and was able to quit my job as a RN and stay at home with my boys! 15 months after that I achieved the rank of Gold. I had dreamed of being able to contribute to my family financially and being able to stay at home with my boys and it seemed too good to be true. But it wasn’t. Young living opened doors that seemed impossible before and made my dreams possible.

6 months after I reached Silver my Husband lost his job. Because of my income we had extra we had been saving up in an emergency account, we also had a full time income coming in. If we had not had this business I don’t know how we would have taken care of our family during that time. God knew this was going to happen a year and a half after I joined Young Living and put Young Living in my life to take care of us.  We are now able to live a life we dreamed of, simply because we shared something we love with those we care about.