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Ashley’s Tue. Scents


Since it’s February I thought it would be the perfect month to share about Rose essential oil and why it’s so amazing!

I am super blessed with a very thoughtful husband that splurged and surprised me big time with a bottle of ROSE last year for Valentine’s Day! We aren’t big V-Day people so he really caught me off guard and he was pretty proud of himself too;) I never actually thought I would own Rose oil because well, let’s be honest, it’s pretty pricey! I started looking more into it since I had a bottle and found out why it’s worth every penny!

What is actually in Young Living’s Rose oil?!

Roses! A whole lot of them! According to Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern it takes approximately 5000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 pound of Rose essential oil! One pound of liquid equals 453.59 milliliters. So it takes 5000 pounds of distilled rose petals to make about only 90 (5ml) bottles of Rose essential oil. When only one drop of Rose oil is equal to 60 roses you can see why it one of the most expensive oils in the world! Now let me tell you why it’s also one of the most remarkable ones too.

Roses are Red!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or even better, just a random Tuesday, think about how you feel when someone gets you roses! Why is this? They make us feel special, loved, cheerful and romantic! That’s exactly what the fragrant influence of Rose oil does for you. It’s a beautifully intoxicating and highly floral scent that brings about harmony, lightness of spirit, confidence, love and balance to your heart. There are entire books written about the healing attributes of rose water -the remnants of the distillation process of roses.

Rose essential oil

What the Frequency?

Frequency is defined as the rate at which a vibration occurs between any two points. When there is frequency there is electromagnetic potential and everything has an electrical frequency. It is believed that a healthy body typically has a frequency that ranges between 62-78 MHz. Sickness and disease begin at about 57-60 MHz. Clinical research shows essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man and can create an environment in which microbes (AKA germs, virus, bugs etc) cannot survive. We can raise and lower our frequency by what we put in our bodies. For example, a researcher Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Ohio found that processed food/canned food has a frequency of zero MHz, fresh foods 20-27 MHz, dry herbs from 15-22 MHz and fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz. The frequencies of essential oils start at 52 MHz and go to 320 MHz, (which happens to be the frequency of Rose oil)! Wow! Studies have also shown our thoughts and attitudes can influence our frequencies as well. Negative thoughts lowered frequency by 12 MHz, positive thoughts raised frequency by 10 MHz and prayer and meditation raised level of frequency by 15 MHz.

In Short here’s My Tue Scents

To keep your healthy frequencies: eat right, drink plenty of water, exercise, get enough sleep, read or listen to something uplifting, pray, think positive, and use essential oils! If you are struggling or having a bad day go open your favorite bottle of essential oil and put on a drop or take a few breaths in to raise your frequency!  Some high frequency oils are Rose, Frankincense, Joy, Helichrysum, Forgiveness, Thieves, and Inspiration just to name a few!

How to get your Rose on?

Products that contain Rose oil:

Awaken, Egyptian Gold, Envision, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Highest Potential, Humility, Joy, Oola Balance, Oola Grow, Rose Ointment, SARA, Trauma Life and White Angelica.

My Favorite Facial Moisturizer:

Homemade BEST EVER Facial Serum Recipe

  • 1 drop Rose Essential Oil*
  • 2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil*
  • 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil*
  • 1 oz carrier oil of your choice (I use avocado oil, many like jojoba oil)

Add essential oils to a 1 oz amber bottle fitted with a glass dropper. Pour in the carrier oil you are using. I personally use avocado oil as the carrier oil for my face. It works well with my skin. If you prefer another carrier then use that.

I got this recipe from The Homemade Mommy (because she is awesome!). Check this out to see how she breaks down the cost is only $0.01 per drop!

Words from Young Living diamonds about Rose:

*Boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength when feeling sad.

*Wear as perfume: Abundance & Rose oil to smell like a million bucks.

*Just before going to bed, I like to put rose oil on the center of my forehead, over my heart, on my brain stem, and under my nose. This gives me the most restful sleep imaginable! When I wake up the next morning, I feel like I’ve been on vacation for weeks.

*We use Rose in a roll-on blend with Frankincense, Lavender and others for immune support!

* When I’m out of sorts or feel non-present, I love to inhale rose oil.

*Terrific skin-supporting properties for all types of skin

*Emotional support

*Perfect oil to use when worrying about the past. It opens the heart and the mind.

I hope next time you get roses you enjoy them just a little bit more! Or just ask him to just buy a bottle of Rose instead and be off the hook for the next 5 Valentine’s Days! He can even just set it each year as a reminder of how great he is!