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Before I got started using essential oils I was a tired mommy of 3 little ones 18 months and under, trying to work part time as a RN, juggling home life and trying to be a good mommy all while dreaming of staying at home with my boys. I got started into essential oils because I was simply looking for a way to support my boys’ immune systems, help us live a more chemical free lifestyle and hopefully support my energy levels in the process. Young Living ended up being so much more than that!

I never intended to work the business side of Young Living, it kind of found me. I used essential oils for the first time and just fell in love with them. I was able to support my boys’ immune systems optimally, I had enough energy to chase them around and keep up with them, my Husband felt better than ever and we just couldn’t help but share essential oils with others! After sharing with just a few friends my entire monthly order was paid for! Just for sharing something I loved!

After 1 year of sharing Young Living I reached the rank of Silver, earning Silver in 6 and received an Aroma Complete kit and a trip from Young Living for free! I was also making a full time income and was able to quit my job as a RN and stay at home with my boys! I had dreamed of being able to contribute to my family financially and being able to stay at home with my boys and it seemed too good to be true. But it wasn’t. Young living opened doors that seemed impossible before and made my dreams possible.

6 months after I reached Silver my Husband lost his job. Because of my income we had extra we had been saving up in an emergency account, we also had a full time income coming in. If we had not had this business I don’t know how we would have taken care of our family during that time. God knew this was going to happen a year and a half after I joined Young Living and put Young Living in my life to take care of us.

Since I had a full time income coming in, my Husband was able to start his own business and fine tune skills that lead him to his current career (from corporate finance to Senior Software Developer!)! He now gets to do something he really loves that is so much more to him than just working a job.

That April we found out our youngest son had Autism. As we began researching Autism we discovered that ABA therapy was the Gold standard for Autism treatment. We also discovered Biomedical treatment of Autism. The problem was that insurance wouldn’t cover any of it, but because of my check from Young Living, we were able to pay for the therapy, lab work and doctor visits he needed! Over the past 2 years us being able to provide this for him has completely changed my son. He has gone from nonverbal to saying some sentences completely unprompted! Without Young Living, I don’t know how we would have been able to do that for him!

That November our team reached the rank of Gold and became a Gold team!! It was even during a month when I needed to take more time off to really invest in our youngest son and a month when God asked us to step out big time in faith. It was so incredible to watch Him work and show up in big ways!!

This “job” has truly been a dream come true! I LOVE getting to stay home and homeschool our 4 kiddos. I LOVE this company and I LOVE our amazing team that we get to work with. Our team has truly become our family and are such a blessing to us and we are so incredibly thankful for them and for this opportunity!

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